This shader node is not available in Maya!

This shader node is not available in Softimage!

This shader node is not available in 3ds Max!

Table Of Contents


This shader node maps an input coordinate between 0 and 1 to a color ramp.



Texture Space

This is the name of theĀ uv coordinate map on the surface that will index the color ramp, when the Source option is set to 'UV Map'.


This option determines the source of the coordinate that will index the color ramp.

Alt Input

The scalar coordinate value that will index the color ramp when Source is set to 'Alt'.


This option remaps a uv coordinate input to a scalar coordinate in preparation for indexing the color ramp, when Source is 'UV Map'.



Enabling this option inverts the computed coordinate that will be used to index the color ramp.

Noise Amount

This scales the amount of noise that will be applied to the ramp coordinate to add variation to the texture. A value of 0.0 means no noise is applied, with higher values meaning stronger noise.

Noise Frequency

This scales the noise effect applied to the ramp coordinate, with higher values resulting in higher frequency noise.



This is the color ramp. It can have constant colors for each knot, or colors defined by shader textures.

When texturing the ramp knots, you are limited to having up to 8 knots.