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To use the Houdini command-line tools, you need to open the Houdini 'Command Line Tools' application (available as a shortcut from the start menu) in Windows.

  In Linux, you'll need to source the Houdini environment as follows:

Code Block
source houdini_setup

Syntax / Example

For example, using 'hbatch', the most basic command-line render session without scripts to load a scene, set the enabled GPUs and render the Redshift ROP node, can be:

Code Block
> hbatch mySceneFile.hip>hip
> Redshift_setGPU -s 011>011
> render /out/myRedshiftROP

Please note that the -s 001 parameter after the Redshift_setGPU command means that, on a system with 3 GPUs, the first GPU should be disabled ('0') while the second and third GPU should be enabled ('1').

Alternatively, you can write a script file like

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mread mySceneFile.hip 
Redshift_setGPU -s 011 
render /out/myRedshiftROP

And execute it using:

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> hbatch myScriptFile


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<preference name="AllCudaDevicesAllComputeDevices" type="string" value="0:Quadro K5000,1:Quadro 6000," />