What is maintenance? 

All new permanent license purchases include 1 year of maintenance & support. Each license has an associated "maintenance expiration date" which, for newly purchased licenses, is initially 1 year after the date of purchase. Your maintenance is considered to be "current" if the expiration date is in the future. Since Redshift licenses are permanent, the license itself does not expire. However, the maintenance expiration date defines the latest version of Redshift for which your license will be valid. For example, if you buy a license today, it will work for any version of Redshift released on or before this day next year. In other words, your license is good for any version of Redshift released while your maintenance is current.

You can extend your maintenance expiration date by purchasing a maintenance extension. Pricing for a 1-year maintenance extension is $250 for node-locked licenses and $300 for floating licenses. Maintenance extensions are always applied based on your maintenance expiration date

Purchasing a maintenance extension before or after your maintenance expires does not alter this date. For example, if your maintenance expires April 10 2015 and you purchase a maintenance extension on May 15 2015, your new maintenance expiration will be April 10 2016.

Priority support is also included while your maintenance is current. Priority support means that your bugs and requests will be addressed before those from customers who do not have priority support.

How to extend your maintenance expiration date

Node-locked licenses

Extending maintenance for a Redshift license is easy, start by logging into your Redshift account at www.redshift3d.com and then go to your Dashboard and Activation Keys section.

Here you will select the licenses you want to extend your maintenance on by putting a check mark in the appropriate box and then clicking the "Extend maintenance for selected licenses" button. 

From here you will be taken to a screen to fill our your billing information and complete purchase of the maintenace extension for $250 a license.

After purchasing a maintenance extension, you will need to run the Redshift Licensing Tool to retrieve an updated version of your license. If your maintenance has already expired, you can use the 'Check for Maintenance Extension' option in the licensing tool. If your maintenance has not yet expired, you can simply deactivate and reactivate your license to retrieve the latest license information.

Floating licenses

To extend the maintenance on your floating licenses, please contact sales@redshift3d.com.