Redshift offers both node-locked and floating subscription licenses on a monthly and annual basis. Node-locked licenses are tied to a specific machine at any given time. They are however rehostable, which means they can be transferred from 1 machine to another using the Redshift licensing tool. Transferring a license requires a working internet connection on both the source and target of the transfer at the time of the license transfer. Node-locked subscription licenses may be purchased directly from the Maxon website for immediate use. We accept most major credit cards. Please refer to the Legacy Perpetual Node-Locked Licenses section for more information.

Floating licenses are dynamically allocated on demand from a pool of licenses managed by a license server running on your network to individual client machines running Redshift. The number of floating licenses you have defines the number machines that can use Redshift concurrently. Floating licenses are available by contacting sales. There is a 5 license minimum for floating licenses. Customers with existing Redshift floating licenses can add additional floating licenses with no minimum purchase. Please refer to the Floating Licenses section for details on setting up a license server and configuring each client machine.