This section describes how to activate a legacy perpetual node-locked rehostable license. Redshift subscription licenses are activated through Maxon App. If you have purchased floating licenses, please refer to the Floating licenses section for details on setting up a license server (RLM server) and configuring each client machine.

If you have purchased a legacy perpetual license of Redshift and installed a 'customer-only' build, you will need to obtain a license using your activation key along with the Redshift Licensing Tool.

Without a valid license, Redshift will render a completely black image.

An internet connection is required to obtain a license using the Redshift activation system.

Redshift perpetual licenses are no longer available. To purchase a Redshift subscription, visit

Activating a Node-Locked License

To obtain a license file, run the Redshift Licensing Tool utility.

On Windows, you can find a shortcut to the licensing tool in the Windows Start Menu, or you can run it directly from C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Tools\RedshiftLicensingTool.exe.

On Linux, the path to the licensing tool is /usr/redshift/bin/redshiftLicensingTool.

On macOS, the path to the licensing tool is /Applications/redshift/bin/redshiftLicensingTool.

For Maya users on Linux and macOS systems, please run the Redshift licensing tool as the same user that will be running Maya.

When you run the Redshift Licensing Tool for the first time, you should see a message indicating that no license was found.

With your activation key handy, click 'Activate License'.

Enter your activation key, and click 'Activate' to obtain a license.

If the activation was successful, you will see a message stating 'Activation successful!' as well as details about your license.

If the activation fails, please follow the instructions shown in the error message.

You are now ready to use Redshift!

Deactivating a Node-Locked License

Deactivating a node-locked license releases your license from a given machine thereby allowing you to activate the license on a different machine. Another common reason to deactivate a license is when making system changes. Redshift rehostable node-locked licenses use a system fingerprint to uniquely identify your machine as being associated with a given license and therefore whenever you make any system changes, you should always first deactivate your license, then re-activate once the changes have been made.

To deactivate your license, simply run the Redshift Licensing Tool and click the Deactivate License button, then follow the on-screen instructions.


To avoid getting locked out of your license, always deactivate your license before making ANY system changes! This includes reinstalling your operating system, upgrading Windows, restoring from backup, bios changes and changes to hard drive configurations. When in doubt, deactivate!

A successful deactivation will present you with a screen like this. The License tool also conveniently remembers your previously used Activation Code for quicker license switching.

Transferring a Node-Locked License

To transfer a license between machines simply requires deactivating the license on one machine and activating it on the other. For example, to move a license from machine A to machine B, first deactivate the license on machine A then activate the license on machine B. An internet connection is required for both machine A and machine B to deactivate and activate the license.